In the Fall of 2010 my wife and I purchased an acreage outside of Lincoln with the intent of building a barn and eventually a new home. Through contacts with former Tru-Built employees we became aware of Tru-built Construction and Bo Jones.

Our original intent was to have Tru-built build the barn only and have a couple of higher end builders bid on the construction of our home. Upon completion of the barn we were so impressed with the results that we decided to consider Tru-Built for the home construction as well. We love our barn and think it looks and feels great on our property.

After interviewing several big-name builders, we felt much more at ease with Bo and his style. We made the decision to go with Tru-Built based in part because of their good relationships with proven subcontractors that we were familiar with and have good reputations in Lincoln. The quality of the subs used was important to us. For the most part, we were impressed with the quality of workers on the site. On the design side, Bo was more than willing to work with the drafting person and the designer we had chosen out of Omaha. He went above and beyond to meet the design needs.

In addition to Bo, our house would not be what it is today without the help Tru-Built’s in house designer, Melissa Fisher. Melissa spent a great deal of time on our project and was instrumental in the final look of our interior. She was a surprise to the process and brought many ideas to the table we incorporated into our home.

For us, the end results met our dreams and expectations. We are very happy with the final product Tru-Built was able to deliver and felt good about our decision. While the process was not without frustrating moments, we were satisfied with Tru-Built and felt they worked hard to meet our needs.

Doug and Lisa Long