Following a major internal remodel of our home, my wife and I decided an appropriate finishing touch would be the demolition or our-prior deck and reconstruction of a new a sunroom/conservatory and a new deck. We ‘shopped’ and received quotations from all the normal places including those sunroom manufacturers you often see advertised in the Omaha World Herald. Following a referral, we received from my boss to Lancaster Conservatories, we contacted Bo and Adam to visit with us personally. The rest, as they say, is history.

From the moment, we met these two young entrepreneurs, we recognized the value both they and their fine product bring to the table. The beauty and comfort of our new sunroom and deck was just the ‘icing on the cake’ of the overall value proposition we received from Lancaster. Most every detail right from the start including the filing of permits with the county right up to tending to the limited items on the punch list was handled professionally, courteously, and timely by Bo, Adam and their crew. Coming out of a major remodel with MANY spits and starts and lack of follow up from-our contractor, we were prepared for what we thought was typical of any construction contractor. Bo, Adam and their team proved us wrong many times and in many ways. They were always there when they said they would be there, were never ‘in the way’ of day to day life, were courteous and professional. and delivered their product on time and on budget. There were a couple of ‘hiccups’ but frankly, they were minor and both Beau and Adam were right there to take responsibility and provide immediate solutions.

Our room and deck is beautiful. We have had more people in the neighborhood stop by and admire our room as it is so ‘above the norm’ and not at all ordinary. It is now the gathering place for all company as it is so inviting and homey. Thus, when I compare the price we paid in comparison to what you typically see advertised in other places, and when I consider the overall value, we truly got our money’s worth. Yes, the price may be only slightly higher than ordinary sunrooms, but this is not an ordinary room and we would do it all over again especially considering the professionalism of these young men and their team. They truly are customer focused and care about the product they are delivering.

Keith G. Burshardt