Having been in the real estate business in Lincoln for nearly 30 years we can honestly and comfortably recommend Bo Jones, & Steve Powell, Tru-Built Construction for general contracting commercial, residential, or remodel projects. We have seen a lot of contractors come and go. Tru-Built Construction has been around through the tough times, and they are now making their mark on the Lincoln home building industry. Let them bid your project, you will be glad you did. We planned the construction of our “dream home” for 5 years and talked to many builders. We looked into many different energy efficiency products and programs. We chose Tru-Built Construction and an Energy Star Certified home.

The challenges were many but the rewards are substantial energy savings every month for the life of the home. Mr. Jones seamlessly integrated the Energy Star Certification requirements into his construction process with zero problems. Our HERS rating was 38 out of 150! We could not be more pleased with our electric bills. We saw every bill, every invoice, every month. A very refreshing, honest, and up-front approach to construction billing. We were satisfied with the subcontractors Mr. Jones chose to work with. We spent several hours a day at the construction site and observed his attention to detail. Bo has a no nonsense approach to “herding cats” keeping the subs on budget and on schedule. His focus is quality, schedule, and customer satisfaction. Bo Jones met all 3 for us and then some.

Certainly, there were challenges. All construction jobs have them, but in the end, it is how they are handled. Mr. Jones handled all issues fairly, quickly, and with a very high degree of personal integrity. This work ethic carries over to the entire Tru-Built crew. They treat each construction or remodel project as if it were their own. They are all “Tru” professionals. I think the highest compliment I can offer is, if we were to build again or remodel, Tru-Built Construction would be our first choice for general contractors. We enjoyed “the process” and love our new home. Thanks Bo.

Larry & Diane Geiger