We have just completed a major renovation with Tru-Built Construction. After years of procrastination and planning, we decided to go for it, with some trepidation. It turns out that Tru-Built was just the right company to carry out our dreams. Dave and Steve were aware of our budget limitations. They made several recommendations to help us cut costs. With their assistance, we were able to look at options for many of the design features in our project and decide when to splurge and when to cut corners.

Dave and Steve were skilled at organizing their subs, finding solutions for issues concerning our older house. Maintaining the quality of our older home was as important to them as it was to us. They went beyond the normal suppliers to find the fixtures that would work in our home. They reproduced the original woodwork. They found custom corbels that became a defining feature of our back patio and provided the structural strength needed. We wanted an accessible shower with a zero-level entry and a glass wall. They found what we needed, it was affordable, and beautiful, too. Over all, their attention to detail was outstanding and made our addition an artwork rather than just a box.

We can’t begin to say how wonderful everyone was. Dave, the site manager, was on top of everything and quickly responded to any questions we had. Our teenage son, discovering that Dave moonlighted as a basketball referee, became an admiring fan. Subs were all skilled in their field. Besides being skilled technicians, they were able to aesthetically evaluate their project and make useful comments about the finished appearance and function. They were all personable people whom I enjoyed having in my home. Although we’re glad to be finished, we miss having everyone around.

We are thoroughly enjoying our new kitchen, family room, bathroom, and bedroom with sun porch. Construction was a major event in our life, something we’ll remember daily as we live in our beautiful home. Thank you, Dave, Steve, Tru-Built Construction, and everyone else who helped.

Sharon and Gary Yuen