When my family and I recently decided to build a new home, we knew that this was a decision that had to be taken very seriously. We spent many hours researching local area builders. We looked at their past projects of course, but we also took into account the knowledge and enthusiasm that they brought to the table.

Bo Jones and Tru-Built Construction were the perfect fit.

Bo Jones took time out of his busy schedule to meet personally with us to identify our needs, and plan for this giant project, even before we actually had decided on our builder. My wife and I were having difficulties deciding on the design of our foundation, and Bo would call or text us with creative ideas on how to meet our challenges.

When we determined that Bo and Tru-Built would be our home builders, Bo was also quite flexible in price structuring. He was determined to customize the project to best fit our particular situation. During the construction process, Bo Jones and Tru-Built spent time with all four of our family members, finding ways to make our dream house special to each one of us. Bo frequently would update us on upcoming decisions, and allow the appropriate family member to contribute to the project.

During the early phases of the construction, Bo gave us detailed estimates on the time schedule, and on the estimated final costs. Bo and I met regularly to brainstorm ways to keep on schedule and on budget. Bo was extremely successful in keeping the project running smoothly. He estimated before we even started building that the home would be done by Christmas, and sure enough, my family spent Christmas Eve in our new home!

Bo Jones and Tru-Built met and exceeded every expectation that our family had in regard to building our new home, and I would enthusiastically recommend Tru-Built to any potential home builders.

Bruce Condello DDS