We purchased our home a few years ago and the first thing we noticed during the hot summer months was that we could not enjoy our backyard patio due to lack of shade and intense heat. Our concrete patio faces directly west and even with nice outdoor temperatures the sun radiates off the house and patio making it too hot to enjoy. Our neighbors have even commented that everyone that lived in our house before us complained about how hot it gets on the patio.

Wanting to enjoy our backyard patio, we started searching for professional looking and affordable options to shade our patio. After consulting with several different contractors, we knew right away that extending our roof would not be affordable. We knew we did not want a sun room, and retractable awnings were also not our style. We wanted something more permanent and professional looking.

Jared Muth with Tru-Built Construction gave us the idea of a structure that attaches to the house and would shade the patio area. Jared walked us through our options, showed us pictures of his work with previous clients and also met us at a client’s home to see his work up close and personal. He provided a quote that was within our budget and we also liked the work he had shown us so we decided to go with Tru-Built. We now have an affordable and very professional looking structure with concrete columns and lighting. Jared kept us informed with each step of the project and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Thank you, Tru-Built Construction, and thank you Jared!

Scott and Rachael Black