I had the fortunate experience of meeting Adam at the 2006 Home Show in downtown Omaha. I liked their product and had them bid against another company. By the end of the decision process, it was both their price and knowledgeable proposal that won them the job.

I could not be happier that I had selected them. My room addition was custom, providing both up front challenges and mid-project changes. Adam and Bo discussed each issue with me and provided cost impact estimates which were all honored, despite additional increases which they experienced. The details of their craftsmanship are absolutely phenomenal, and the finished job is gorgeous. I have a cathedral ceiling with beaded oak panels within the Mahogany rafters that is simply breath taking. The ceiling fans splash light up to really accentuate the beauty. The wood flooring and finish trim is all finished to perfection.

They poured footings in sand, extremely deep since my area is in a flood plain and over a patio which required 40 inches below the near grade. The continued the construction to the roof complete with custom gutters. They stayed on the job until every nit-pick was resolved. Being an engineer, I doubt they get many customers fussier, but they absolutely resolved every issue to 100% satisfaction.

We love our conservatory and are open to show it to anyone considering such. Furthermore, we cannot express the professionalism experienced by this crew. Bo and his staff get my highest recommendation.

Bill Fleissner