If you are contemplating whether to hire Tru-Built Construction for your construction project, I believe you will be very happy with the results if you do choose to hire them.

Tru-Built Construction performed a complete remodel of my kitchen in early 2007. The remodel was my design, which I had gradually developed over the course of about 7 years, and I was pleased that Steve, his employees, and subcontractors followed my ideas as closely as practicable. They worked in tandem with Absolute Kitchen and Bath, the business I chose as my cabinet provider.

I had a non-load-bearing wall removed so the refrigerator could be brought out of a corner, freeing a large expanse of wall space for cabinets and counters. A new shorter wall was built to screen the refrigerator from the living area and was designed as I requested.

I also asked that the sink be moved from an inner wall to under the window, which involved some detailed plumbing work. And, I wanted a light installed above the sink and a breaker box to replace the old fuse box downstairs. Tru-Built arranged to have this work done.

Tru-Built repainted the kitchen walls and put in the new wood laminate flooring. I purchased the paint, the flooring, the light fixtures, the dishwasher, stove, and microwave, the garbage disposal, and the faucet for the sink myself. All Tru-Built requested was that these items be available for installation when they were ready to install them.

I found Tru-Built easy to negotiate the financial arrangements with. Due to an inheritance from my mother’s estate, I was able to pay cash, but I was not able to receive it until the estate was probated. This became more time-consuming than any of us involved could have anticipated and Tru-Built was patient about waiting for everything to be settled before the work was started. It took about a year. Even if I hadn’t had the cash available, I believe Tru-Built would have worked with me for a loan arrangement. I thought that the cost of the entire project was reasonable compared to what I have heard acquaintances have paid for similar work.

I have received many complements on the kitchen during the last two years, mostly related to my choices of colors, cabinets, and flooring. However, none of these things would look so good if they weren’t properly installed.

I do believe you would be very satisfied with Tru-Built’s work should you choose them as your construction company.

Sharon Nemeth