It has just been a few weeks since Lancaster Conservatories with Tru-Built Construction completed our family/sun room. Our only wish is that we had done it sooner! We comment often that it has completely changed our home and we are enjoying it more than ever. Neighbors have visited and always tell us it looks like it was built originally with the home. They also comment they would live in the room all the time.

I first met Bo Jones at the Home Show in Lincoln last spring and took the Lancaster Conservatories flyer home to my husband as we had been talking about adding a room. Our home needed additional family room space, yet we wanted to enjoy our backyard as much as possible. A room with a fireplace, and an open feel that didn’t have to be closed off during cold weather was our wish. We had minimal experience with building or even planning such a project. Adam helped us plan the project. We now have a family room with a cathedral ceiling, stone fireplace, oak flooring, and beautiful mahogany windows overlooking our backyard. The deck is large and inviting. We look forward to using it this spring. We were fortunate to find Lancaster Conservatories. From start to finish they were there to answer all questions, help us with details, direct us in the right direction, and even let me “change plans” as we went along. I was concerned that I didn’t have the expertise of a designer, yet wanted it to be “our plans.” Steve and Jared included us in every decision as we progressed with the room. Fortunately, with their expertise we feel we have the end result we wanted.

We have had many friends who built their own homes and often say they wouldn’t choose to go through the process again. We can honestly say we would look¬†forward to building with this company again. Our project started in August, a time when you should have only the heat to slow progress. The very day they dug the footings the rain began. I thought it would delay everything. They were there the next morning with pumps and continued the project. The next major rain occurred the day they laid the sub flooring. It poured for several hours that evening. We received phone calls from both Bo and Adam checking on the project and making sure it was draining properly as we also had just had an egress window dug next to the room. Finally, after several hours of pouring rain we decided to at least sweep some of the water off the flooring. We had just begun sweeping when Steve appeared around the back of the house in the dark to check on everything and took over. We have heard of frustrated homeowners who felt they were left to deal with the problems, after that we knew we were in good hands.

We can highly recommend Lancaster Conservatories and Tru-Built Construction. The room added value to our home, but most important we feel we are now enjoying it to the fullest.

Dr. and Mrs. Ernie Sigler